The Socialite Family

Since 2013, The Socialite Family has been an important player in the French design landscape. Both a media and a successful brand, it was inspired to open a physical location in 2019. We intervened to define the artistic direction of the print medias to be declined in connection with the opening: labels, wrapping paper, thank you cards, signage... With a beautiful place left to the typography and color, we tried to translate the decorative universe of The Socialite Family into graphic design.
Services Packaging, print, shop experience

Meriguet Carreres X The Socialite Family collaboration

When The Socialite Family developped a paint range with Merriguet Carreres, we had the opportunity to help them on designing both the paint can and a leaflet introducing the collection and a few samples. We stayed in line with the visual identity we had developed for the store, playing with the 9 colors of the collection.
Services Art Direction, print